Google Classroom Codes

A Day

  • 1st Period IPC (8:40 –10:15 AM) – l5larb6
  • 2nd Period Chemistry (10:20 –11:50 AM) – bjv7g3t
  • 4th Period Chemistry (2:30 –4:00 PM) – t6l6dfx

B Day

  • 5th Period IPC (8:40 –10:15 AM) – 7uuv3xu
  • 6th Period Chemistry (10:20 –11:50 AM) – cas5cma
  • 7th Period Chemistry (11:55 –1:40 PM)– b73gxdo

In Google Classroom, click the plus button and then enter the code from above that corresponds with your period.

At the top of each Google Classroom, you will find a Google Meet link (as seen below). To join our Google Meet video call, just click on the Meet link during the scheduled class time.

Example of Google Classroom

Distance Learning Policy

(CHS Science Department)

Before your Class Meeting

  • Choose a quiet space, free from distractions, to set yourself up for class.
  • Make sure you have completed the pre-class preparation activities so that you will be ready to learn.
  • Prepare your learning space. Have basic supplies ready. (pens, paper, pencils, etc.)
  • Be aware of your background space, move items you do not want the class to see out of the camera view.
  • Chrome is the recommended browser.
  • Exit applications on your computer not needed for class.
  • Turn off computer notifications to limit distractions during class.
  • Silence personal cell phone, television or other non-essential electronics.
  • Make sure you are correctly identified by your first and last name.

During Class Meeting

  • Be on time.
  • Turn on camera and mute your microphone upon entering.
  • Be respectful in voice, chat and other modes of communication.
  • Keep your camera on for the duration of class.
  • Use a school appropriate virtual background, if approved by your teacher.
  • Participation is expected and encouraged. Please use the chat feature for ON TOPIC discussions or questions you have.

Ending Class Meeting

  • Students must remain logged in during all direct instructions until dismissed by the instructor (Under TEA guidelines, students must be logged on for 60 minutes to be counted present)
  • Ask clarifying questions and make sure you fully understand the assignment and success criteria for the lesson.


  • Turn in all assignments via Google Classroom, using the “Turn In” feature, to ensure they are graded and returned in a timely manner!
  • Do not email or text pictures of your work to your teacher.  

Testing Procedure

  • BISD Student Code of Conduct applies to all testing environments.
  • You will join Google Meet and be monitored via video for the duration of the test.
  • The test will be timed with no breaks.
  • Student shall, at the direction of the instructor, show the student’s environment to verify other electronic devices or notes are not present.

I value an environment that allows people to take risks and make mistakes. We are all learning new things, so let’s help each other!