CBM1: Classroom Arrangement

CBM5: Classroom Management Plan


  1. Golden Rule—treat others as you would like others to treat you. This helps keep our classroom environment respectful, and positive.
  2. Follow all classroom routines, procedures, and instructions. We are in a potentially dangerous laboratory environment, not following the rules of our classroom may put you or other students at risk of injury.
  3. Follow all rules in the CHS student handbook. District wide policies will be enforced at all times in my classroom. Bullying—office referral. Cheating—office referral. You get the point. Familiarize yourself with the BISD student handbook because you will be held accountable for any violations.
  4. No personal electronic devices allowed without teacher permission. This is a Science Department policy and is not negotiable.
  5. Be in your seat with all your supplies ready to learn before the bell rings. We have a large amount of material to cover, so seize the day and use every minute of class reaching for your full potential.


  1. Verbal warning for not meeting expectations.
  2. Continued unmet expectations will result in some or all of the following: parent contact, loss of classroom privileges, or referral to office.
  3. Violating CHS student handbook policies result in referral to office.


  1. Choice of song
  2. Choice of mood lighting
  3. Choice of seat
  4. Positive parent contact
  5. Public/peer recognition

CBM8: Welcoming Parent Letter